WelcomeLogo1MagicLab Creative Studio is a creative design studio based out of Victoria, BC, Canada,  specializing in dynamic web, mobile, audio and graphic design artwork, some of the services I offer include: Webdesign, App construction, Soundtracks, Scores, Game loops and Graphic design. As well as working with clients on projects, I also publish my own iOS & Android Apps and Games as well as music, see below to check out more of my projects. Contact me for more info, or read more About Us

Mobile Games BtnLooking to waste some time on your phone? Look no further, check out these of fun free Android & iOS games by MagicLab here.


soundStudioBtnLooking for custom audio? I love working with other developers on Soundtracks, scores, loops, effects and sound recording. Visit the sound studio page for more info on music services here


ProjectsThis  page is dedicated to whats in the works at the moment. Check back soon as I'm always hard at work at something perhaps interesting.  Take a look here